Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Opening the doors, that spent all their life gently serving
My feeble egoism, though taking none of my gratitude.

Eyes were then training to devour the flash of light and
To define the tangled threads of a motherly nature's love.

The light seemed offending at first, but my search for
Miracles found me hopping merrily behind the granter
Of  joy, an old lizard! As I searched the sparks of my
Vision, the moments were summed up by the words
                      I discovered myself


  1. Very cool. Love the triple meanings.

  2. I discovered myself. and this is very important. Often we lose ourselves in the maze of life.nice poem.

  3. This is really clever - the messages of the poem itself, and the two others forming first and last words of each line vertically. Wow.

  4. oh nice... i love how you packed three poems together in one... and yeah...the discovering ourselves in all this... i think it's important that we do to be able to serve as well

  5. nice...great double is all about that, discovering ourselves through the days and moments...and serving is a huge part of that....

  6. I like the message in this!

  7. a wonderful vision of self discovery

  8. Very poignant. The journey is satisfying when you discover yourself.

  9. written from many dimensions with one end in sight
    nicely done