Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Search For Beauty | Dedicated to All Mothers on this Mother's Day

Painting : Quench by Katie.M.Berggren

O, beautiful world,
What grace and love do you keep?
I walked along your coast,
To find a shore of charm,  
But came back with nothing at all.

Abashed, destroyed and polluted,
The world belongs in disarray,
No song is sweet,
No flowers are bright,
No beings provide delight.

Amidst my falling hopes,
I stumbled upon a moving view,
A snuggled baby in a mother's arms,
And two bright eyes providing shade,
Solace and eternal love.

In those arms rests the comfort of all,
In those eyes remains brightness paramount,
In those beats, hidden, is love beyond,
In her heart reside the beauty I searched for!


  1. What a beautiful poem.

  2. yes, mother's love is eternal love,,,,,,,,,happy mother's day......

  3. We all seem to find nothing but true love and happiness from our mothers..nice write

  4. The world is the mother of us all. Her arms, like the arms of our own mother, always reach out to us in love! I enjoyed this reflection.

  5. Beautifully written.

  6. Very lovely, to find this beauty in a broken world?

  7. to see a mother loving her child like that is def a bright spot in the day and can change your is a broken world and we need those moments of beauty to be captured...

  8. I love this. In the circle we complete during life, our journey all takes us back to where we first began. I love the bright eyes of the baby, signifying hope eternal.

    1. Thanks a lot Sherry. Glad you picked up a lot out of the poem. :)

  9. Oh how wonderful to turn hopelessness into hope through the eyes of an infant in a mother's arms. The world has hope after all. /Two bright eyes providing shade/ is a beautiful visual. Thanks!

  10. Oh indeed...
    Mothers are special!!!