Saturday, 29 June 2013

Loops of Love

Abstract : The Color Red

We are seeds of the same flower,
Carried by wind to poles apart,
Time brings your fragrance,
The spores bring your love!

We are tunes of an unwritten song,
Playing endlessly on and on,
With the memory of each other to
Keep us by, and no words to disturb
Our plights.

We are the dreams of a child,
His agonizing fears, his deep love,
His beautiful garden, his solitary cradle,
His toys, and his oedipus wraths.

We are memories waiting to be made,
Memories of guilt, memories of crime,
Memories of sorrow, memories of love,
Memories that nostalgia ignites!

We are half drunk cups of coffee,
Cold yet waiting to be consumed,
Useless and beyond all hopes,
We usually get flushed out.

We are a poet's funereal thoughts,
Which he could never pen down,
Yet in his dying cells, we live on

We are souls that meet after death,
Forced to live apart when alive.
We meet after the pains and tears
Of each and every lifetime,
And when we meet we hug till
We are born again, and for that
Eternal hug, we live a life!


  1. Beautiful description of eternal love.

  2. The last verse is so beautiful and true. Pains and tears unite and bind people more than joys and happiness.Keep writing, Anand S.Unni

    1. Thank you Kalpana. :) I will indeed keep writing. :)

  3. This is truly a beautiful poem :) A very poetic engineer you are Anand!

    I see it more as a depiction of the world.... As all of us inhabiting this planet....that we are all one- in love - but separated....

    Playing endlessly on :)

  4. A deep and beautifully expressed poem here about what makes up a life! So many fine wordings. I really like "We are tunes of an unwritten song" and "We are half drunk cups of coffee, cold yet waiting to be consumed." And your poem does not stop with life, it progresses to the after death and the meeting with a hug. That part is heart warming!

  5. Love the first line leading into so many perspectives that all thread as one!

  6. smiles...i like all the little allusions that you make to the love...i like the coffee cups....still waiting....memories made and still yet to made...its a strong that carries over into the poem...

  7. Yes, we are all these things. This was so thoughtful and touching.

  8. WOWZERS! I especially love us being "tunes of an unwritten song".....and we are souls that meet after death forced to live apart while alive. Fantastic writing, and intriguing philosophy.

  9. Very Sweet and lovely..............

  10. 'We are a poet's funereal thoughts,Which he could never pen down,Yet in his dying cells, we live on Undisturbed!...What a brilliant thought pen-down with such fine craftsmanship. loved it. :)

  11. Thank you so much for your sharp eyes on my poem. I changed that particular line several time and didn't even notice the error. :)

  12. Eternal love is the most beautiful thing that exists beyond separation. Lovely wise words Anand.
    Anna :o]