Friday, 18 April 2014

Gracias Gabo!

A part of me bitterly dies!
Solitude with Gabo was less poignant,
Sunsets I shared with Aureliano Buendia
Planted more revolution than my thoughts,
Along the way Marquez's whores, his unrequited loves,
And his inflaming passion became my own!
Oh, when Marquez leaves behind his words,
He leaves behind every deep thought,
Every apt musing, every intense emotion,
And every nostalgia words could bring,
There is nothing that cannot be expressed in words,
Certainly with Gabo you knew it was true.

However I try to console myself, it just wouldn't suffice. The world has lost a legendary storyteller. And I have lost a person whom I loved deeply. I know that Gabo's words shall live on. But my universe has dropped into deep oblivion after his demise.


  1. It's such a lovely, fitting poetic obituary for a towering figure in the literary world.

  2. i like it...these kind of writers are rare.

  3. I love that his words and his thoughts and his vision will live on in his books.

  4. how lovely; and Happy Easter

    much love...

  5. it hurts when we lose those storytellers for we have lost the stories they told unless someone gives them notice and makes sure they are passed on....and if we are lucky their books are there still to inspire us...