Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Haiku Hindsights

Ideologies on life,
A stained window to view the world,
Imperfect with acumen!

Mind; permanently scarred,
Repetitive fights with a melancholy heart,
Heart - destined victor.

A hapless poet,
Then a pervasive spirit in flight,
Burning thoughts to words.

Existence; tedious, diffusive,
Ultimately growing inwards to void,
Cycle of science!

My first real go at haiku, don't know whether I got the pattern right, hope to do better with subsequent attempts.


  1. Nice. My favorite is the third one. I like the image of a poet burning thoughts to words!

  2. All are very nice and I particularly like the cycle of science. Good job.

  3. I think number 2 carries the day for me.

  4. ha. nice...none of us have the perfect view on life...and our lenses do cloud us to other perspectives unless we are intentional about seeking them...
    all our explanations fall short.

  5. You certainly did well, Anand. I like the second and third haiku best. The idea that the destined victor is the heart and how you portray the poet.

  6. Hmm. Haiku beautifully conceived and overall, the content matches the form! If our eyes are the stained glass of our genes and environment: "Imperfect with Acumen" we have a perfectly justified separation from each other. Poets are forever trying to expose this paradox and to build bridges across it, but still but still, how much more inward can we grow without dissolving the web of existence? Some say, when humans leave that web it will thrive. I think we must patch it.

  7. A very good set of poems. I like them and can relate to the feeling evoked.

  8. Beautiful haiku. I especially resonate with "repetitive fights with a melancholy heart".

  9. I love the first set. "A stained window to view the world..." that's an imperfect view then, stained by one's insights and judgments.

  10. I tried Haiku once but didn't really enjoy writing them. Hope you had a better experience . . .

  11. "Chimes of a Forgotten Melody" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.