Saturday, 12 July 2014


Miles away I could write all I want about Gaza without making a difference, but when every word, written and spoken, unite, it may grant hope to a place which has become a contemporary battlefield.

Part 1
Smell of Cast Lead poisons the air,
Air crafts, one after the other,
Pours hate- incessant,
Onto her ruined womb.

Niche of her Eden,
Where colored kites flew,
Now enfeebled by a holocaust,
Of bombs and chemicals.

Sewers pass lifeless bodies,
Blood fertilize her fields,
Kites never make a child smile,
Flowers fail to transcend joy.

Each mote of dust pray for mercy,
Yet Gaza- the exhausted mother,
Pray for a culminate strike,
To cease her pain ever more!

Part 2
Brother- valiant yet torn,
Your words subdued,
But awake with hope,
When you feel the wave of heat,
And relentlessly move on,
A humanity is at your side,
Whispering prayers,
Sharing pain,
Each night you stay stubborn,
We are beside,
Shouting your name,
Crying your tears,
Even when you fight on your own,
Know that you are never alone!


  1. It's almost impossible to ring in half of the world will smile while the other half will bleed...nice lines Anand :)

  2. Our own ordeals seem so trivial compared to this diuranal horror of war and destruction.

  3. Oh, how I wish there was an answer to the mess over there.

  4. A very poignant, heart-felt poem, Anand. The metaphor of Gaza as an exhausted mother rings so very true. As I commented on another poem on this subject, the peace dove seems to have taken flight & there is such a slim chance she will return.

  5. You captured the smell & images of a war torn land ~ I pray for peace to come someday ~

  6. ugh....war....and all its by products...the dead...the bombs...
    i rather like the second....i feel you heart there...sending it out to
    keep your brother warm in battle....reminding him he is not alone...

  7. "Gaza - the exhausted mother". Yes. Beautifully written and deeply felt, Anand.

  8. Thanks for not allowing me to go into deep depression about the situation on both sides unable to co-exist, where killing someone gratifies hatred and death sows the seeds of love on stones and steel.

  9. we're all connected somehow.. i like the message in the end.

  10. Oh Anand, much prayers for you and all of the Middle East. God bless and keep you all in His loving hands.

  11. .. :)
    ..prayers for Gaza
    #hope for the best!!!