Friday, 31 January 2014

In Love

Two peaks, like opposite poles of a magnet,
One which draws in hidden torments, and
The other takes away tears before it evaporates!

The guitar strings which reverberates, with it
claiming to soothe my realms with musical dreams,
Waits for an instant, I pause to hear echoes of wind!

Beyond me is a drop into oblivious densities,
Densities lined by clouds and scarcely visible trees,
My mind made the leap, before my ears are blocked by wind.

I stare in awe, I feel the drift of the stars,
The motion of the Earth, creation and deletion of galaxies,
And my body shooting forth into void space!

For once, I feel the universe holding her hands inside mine!
I grip tighter, a faint smile rises in the sky,
'For you I shall die', my whisper breaks the silence.


  1. Great depth to this. I liked it.

  2. I find it selfish of us, women, we're always looking for "the guy" who is ready to die for us and we'll keep him as long as he is able to live forever so we don't ever need to spend a day without him. But who can understand women, right? :)

    Beautiful poem. <3

  3. I am not sure what to make of this...if it is sky diving or a suicide. In any case it is powerful writing.

  4. I like the passion in this writing....whatever inspired it ...keep doing it!:)

  5. Ah, hope this doesn't have a suicidal implication! Smiles. Well penned.

  6. I don't really get how suicide came into the context. Are you all so pessimistic? It could be thought in that sense too, but what I really intended was a free fall into the oblivion, where the narrator shall fall in love with the entire universe.

  7. I most like the feeling of the movement of the earth, and the "creation and deletion of galaxies". Am not sure if the narrator is bungy-jumping, but whatever the leap is, the reader feels its import.

  8. this poem can lead you down two different paths.. depending on how you interpret.. it makes the reader think... well done...

  9. Thanks for your clarification. When I read it, I was impressed with the leap into the Universe, your love for it. I had no negative impression. It felt like a meditation on nature.

  10. I see how you can make a leap in your imagination, and in your sensations, and visualise the dialog between two of you...~ very nicely ~ thanks for so informative comments ~ Blessings!

  11. This appeals so much to both the emotional self and the intellectual self--well done!

  12. So it seems that one should always rise in love... Nice tone in it.

  13. Poignant and very well written. Well done!