Monday, 6 January 2014

The Bridge

A bridge waits for the assembly of her workers,
She hangs in the mind of the designer, who evoked
the mighty image of her, unperturbed, he sketch
the foundations with which she shall stand.

The designer waits for the nerves to transfer
his fleeting impulses onto his tensed mind,
Worried, he sips his morning coffee, confused
over the remarkable gift that he was granted with.

The words of the needy summons up into a plea,
From where they transfer it onto the designer's ears,
Their troubles shall pass, the bridge shall connect
their fears to beliefs and sorrows to smiles.

The doubts are born inside the mind, classified as
people that lives inside, the mind prohibits any
action taken against the unbridged eras, there
amidst the misery a spark ignites, a revolt begins.

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