Monday, 12 May 2014

The Lonesome Travel

The road ahead (dusty and barren),
But with significant flux of change,
Greenery remains lost in reminiscence,
A Cadillac asserts the shift of paradigm.

Yet the earnest mind fights,
Each step is an uproar against distance,
And each moment a destiny I write.

The road ahead (dusty and long),
Beside me nothing but my swansong,
Above me clouds, stars and love, and
In front a noble mystic waiting to be found.


  1. Reallly nice this reminds me of road not taken by robert frost:-) and congratulations for the completition of 1 yr

  2. those kinds of roads can be tough and dusty and dark - but then again filled with opportunity...

  3. the noble mystic would be reason enough for me to keep going...those stars and a bit of love in the sky to guide the way....

  4. It seems that the dusty road leads to a rewarding the journey will definitely be worth it when the mystic is found.

  5. The noble mystic must be very special, we all need to have our guidance

  6. I love "each moment a destiny I write", and the idea of the noble mystic ahead. Wonderful, Anand, and congrats on your first year of blogging. Hoping to read you for many more.

  7. I believe it's the journey . . . otherwise, take the Cadillac!

  8. And the travel begins...
    To continue forever :)