Saturday, 11 October 2014


Dedicated to the Malala Yousufzai for inspiring countless souls and motivating them to take up education

Courtesy : Mag 240
Photo by Tom Chambers

Hills of misfortune and rivers of sorrow,
From the chronicles of lost privilege,
Her feeble foot carried on the bout,
Leaving footprints deeper than gorges
of misgiving and extended malady,
And when she broke the boundaries of thought,
Her life glazed like colors through snow,
Words of strife, now fables of time,
Lest the world forget her passionate riot,
Time is now to open your heart,
Break the cage and follow her steps,
And I shall continue to sing this immature song,
To praise a woman of impeccable arm!


  1. She does indeed seem like a person to follow. Her footsteps, deeper than gorges, would definitely be hard to follow though.

  2. Anand this is a glorious write. It rings of triumph that comes from fighting for a better way. I love this!