Sunday, 19 October 2014

In Her Loving Grasp

A mother is not merely a woman, but holds within her a ceaseless love, within which she creates a spell of constant care. It is hard to imagine the chemical combinations which makes this love universal, all I could do is watch, spellbound, at this love and envy every child resting peacefully on their mother's arms.

Courtesy : The Mag

Like mist before the Sun,
Like an august spirit's triumphant run,
Her words for me like cautious trust,
Her arms, generous and snug,
In her grasp I felt numerous and warm,
Within her care, in constant delight,
Leaving behind truths, of disparate moods,
Forgetting the World's unfamiliar rhetoric,
I wish to run back to my mother's hands,
I wish to be enveloped within her cordial hug,
Where in I shall be a child, if so for an alluring trice!


  1. a mother is a mother is a mother...lovely, lovely lines Anand :)

  2. Wonderful to have such memories of childhood, and no wonder one would want to return to that safety and security.

  3. If only.. a mother will at one point need our support.. becoming the child in our arms.

  4. lovely..we are always children to our mothers..x

  5. I do think there are times in our lives that we think how nice it would be to be back in our mother's protective least for a period of time. It is such a comforting thought.

  6. This is a nice tribute. Sounds like you have some fond memories of your mother.

  7. Finally a happy childhood memory, lovely to read. Well done!

  8. Hoping you will be able to visit those of us from Poets United who have visited you. Doesn't matter if it is later in the week....smiles.

  9. Mother and her love is irreplaceable..
    Good one

  10. Yes such a feeling mother's give us and we lose all to soon.

  11. This is a great tribute to what a mother can be to a child, even once the child is grown in an adult. Well done.

  12. that is a really touching take on this prompt! the poem is very stirring. A mother's embrace can heal every pain