Sunday, 9 June 2013

3 Stories

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The sparkle of raindrops
Glorified the lotus.
She bathed in the warmth
Of the morning Sun, enjoying
With every ray that shower life.
A commanding motion of love
Filled her fragile petals as she,
Gave prostrations to another day
And its radiant shine.

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A deer surged over countless rocks,
Within its powerful limbs rests
Life and hope. A menacing predator
Smelled the luscious odor of flesh,
The predator and his survival rests
Within his own limbs. In a battle
Of force and speed, one fights
Hunger, the other fights Death.


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A man walks out to meet his love,
He is greeted by a hummingbird
Swiveling up and around, though
He do not see the passing birds, nor
The sanctified Lotus. The predator
And his inevitable prey is a part
Of a world the man shall never care.
Clocks tick, he waits.


  1. beautiful stories and in the end all the three combine....

  2. The second verse is touching, a game between life and death.

  3. ouch....the predator and prey part of a world man shall never care...i find that rather sad...

  4. Wow, these are absolutely stunning. I was taken by the second one as well. The predator fighting hunger, the deer fighting death. The balance of nature, but sad to think about.

  5. What an impact these three stories make when read together - beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous Anand I loved all of them, so elegantly expressed =)

  7. Wonderfully done!

  8. Very profound and very well put. An immaculate piece!

  9. excellent imagery - you really pull the reader in