Saturday, 1 June 2013

Myths and Monuments

Abstract : Raven , the Dark Messenger

A sadistic raven flapped its wings around;
The monument that build itself about
Grew forever in grit, power and height.

It held a camp of deficient minds brooding
Over what was lost in the holy fight;
Lives, luxury and inevitably sanity.

They searched for torches in the monument,
One fatuous guy prayed for light, The raven 
Knew the Sun was up, she slowly came out.

The guy was called a preacher and the raven
Became a concealed God, she was fed, loved
And worshiped for bringing light.

Soon the croak of the raven echoed in
The monument, it filled the chores,
It filled their senseless lives with an allusion.

Sadism raced through the raven's blood again,
She ate out of the children's plate, she
Pecked at life that threatened her place.

But it was the wrath of an angry God,
No one dared to counter its flaws, And she
Flew on about, unharmed and untouched.

Monuments are all around were ravens
Rule men, preachers are even more who
Claim to hold the raven's wings in their altar.

Myths are monuments that men build,
Ravens are Gods that moved life,
But are you a preacher or a follower?


  1. Hi Anand ~~ This Raven that
    "Grew forever in grit, power and height"
    grew beyond my expectations. Very clever

  2. nice story flows in the poem...

  3. Wow, Anand, this is a strong metaphorical poem with a message. That last stanza is a great summation and makes the reader think.

  4. I love the raven for it's good ancient meanings so this was difficult for me to read but I understand its meaning for you. Men create the evil...definitely. The raven merely a symbol.

  5. A good question to ponder. Well put.

  6. Excellent!!
    Everybody has a good and evil inside, just need the self realization what actually we are.
    Loved the way you put your words directly to the point.
    long way to best wishes.

    Thanku Anand for sharing your blog, following u back!

    1. Jasmeet. Thanks a lot for following the link. Nice meeting you. :)

  7. So many myths about ravens - yours is very interesting.