Saturday, 8 June 2013

Viva la Evolución

I remember the silent spread of napalm,
And how the flesh were slowly cooked,
It never took a foul lot time, to see
Another war that builds itself free,
We are but an advanced breed of life,
And what we yearn for is evolution.

The stringent laws that holds men
In a surreal cage, provides them with
Their daily share of a promised diet,
But who cares to be free? We are born,
We die. And the path to death is life,
For a wholesome diet we sell our kins,
Amidst the show, who wants liberty?

The war is in the horizon, and weapons
Are the slaves' brains. Untouchable,
Unknown and Unclear it remains the
Most poignant. Thank God I must,
Napalms shall no longer boil flesh!
Of all the things evolution has promised
It gave a level fight on a level ground.

So, what caused you to unsettle?
Is it my words? Or is it the truth?
Is it my mockery of the world?
Or is it the knowledge that you are
A silent part of the next war?
Whatever remains the reason, do not
Spill. Because evolution demands your
Silence. Stay Calm. Keep at war.
Viva la Evolución!


  1. War is hell and nothing would be greater than to have the end of all wars, but sometimes I wonder if that is even a possibility with so many who want to conquer those who do not follow their beliefs. Or they want to have free slave labor. Just so many things wrong with so many humans on this planet. While the majority of us just want to live a quiet peaceful life there are just enough of those who ruin the lives of so many to ensure that peace on earth may never happen. And what is so sad is that there are so many who follow these evil people.

    Thank you for making us think about how we want our world to evolve for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your week be filled with lots of peace loving friends and family.

    God bless.

  2. I almost forgot, I wanted to say that I really like the vivid reds in the picture. It is almost as if you meant it to represent all the blood that is spilled during a war. Beautiful yet meaningful.


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and posting such a big comment. Got to say never got something like this before. Im really glad you loved it. And thanks a lot for the wishes too. :)

  3. It reminds me of Hitler, who killed people, thinking that their race is inferior. But nature is powerful and man can never outwit it.

    1. But nature takes its time. Sometimes its too late to make a difference. Damage will already be done by then.

  4. An intense and thought-provoking poem here. Whew! That last stanza is truly chilling. Especially the words
    "Or is it the knowledge that you are
    A silent part of the next war?"

    This one will stay with me.

  5. Truth is harsh my friend ... well constructed piece !!!

    1. Indeed so. Thanks for your kind comments. :)