Saturday, 7 December 2013

Déjà vu

'Ocean of Dreams'
Courtesy :

Wave after wave of constant ordeal,
And it took her a dream
To let herself dissolve
Into the narrow corners
Of her surreal field,
Designed thoughts
And immersed strife.

There she met the comfort
Of sharing griefs,
Of planting love
And hanging on shoulders
When the walk became
Tedious and long.

She met a comrade,
A loving creator of her destiny,
Who danced to her appraisal,
And granted all her minimal wishes.
She felt life.

She paced to find places
Where her memories could be planted.
When her swivels cease
The only life
Worthy enough to be thought about
Is the life in her dreams.

The dreams capsized one morn,
She woke up with her mind torn,
Her laughs echoed from within,
But her lips never curled with joy,
In the world, sans the spread
Of her wishes, she struggled.

The darkness was blinding,
The silence was deafening
And the moments were stationary.

She drifted along in space,
Particles, unlike her,
Waited for the meeting,
With time, her déjà vu shall begin!


  1. Beautifully done. Love the end! Found myself in it.

  2. An intriguing write, Anand. Your opening stanza really drew me in..........

  3. ' And granted all her minimal wishes.
    She felt life.'
    'With time, her déjà vu shall begin!'
    sorry that i am late on this, i must say you write with soooo much depth that i just can do is wow! the lines for life and the lines for afterlife

  4. This poem really has a nice flow to it! Love the ending.

  5. Well I hope that her reality will soon match her dreams ~ It takes a lot of work to make it happen but with determination and hope, she can shape her destiny.

    And nice to meet you at Poets United ~ Have a good week ~ Cheers ~

  6. Beautiful words Anan! Some memorable lines. I love "She met a comrade,
    A loving creator of her destiny,
    Who danced to her appraisal,"