Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Revolution is Home Made

"You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming" - Pablo Neruda


Tonight, my mind shall not let the torridness
Of sleep torment my senses. Keeping together
My thoughts become violently difficult, words
Like a gust of formidable vengeance pour all
Over my perpetual lethargy which until today
Shackled my intellect with visions of peace.

Tonight, my legs shall not give away to exhaustion,
For it shall march, left leg after the right, into 
The indomitable resting place of my contained
Rage. The nails of the coffin which with it
Was buried, under layers of contrived emotions,
Shall be pulled back with my bleeding teeth, and
Along with the taste of blood that shall drip,
I shall know the taste of its colors too.

Tonight, my heart shall not sink into its
Calm tedium, but seek the exasperated
Sentiment with which the revolution, that was
Planted somewhere inside my thoughts sprouted
Into a self-sustaining spring of red flowers.

Inspired from the Indian (Malayalam) movie, Left Right Left which went by the motto 'Revolution is Home Made', as you see, I used it as the title of the poem. At this instance I pay gratitude to everyone who laid out their lives in struggle to change the existing atrocities, you may be gone, but your ideas shall live forever.


  1. Nice Read !!!!
    Wonderful Tribute :)

  2. Nice... well written. Amazing that a mal movie inspired u to write a poem :) I too loved the movie. A movie after a long time with strong characters.