Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hamartia - the flaw in character which leads to the downfall of the protagonist in a tragedy

When my mind thrust all its vigor
Into the nerves of my framework,
I crunched with envy as the villain
Of the unfinished novel in my attic
Slowly brought himself on the threshold
And barked violently, I noticed how he
Looked upon with lust at the glorious
Image of her. And how as a pigeon
Watches a crumb of bread, she kept
Her gaze firmly fixed on his silhouette.

He never held her, he never promised
A life in the folds of my imagination,
He was thoughtful with each word,
Cunning with his vivid expressionism, and 
Roguish at every act of love. With
An overwhelming force of pain and wrath
I first gifted her the pangs of my torture.
She wept the whole day, while I took
My pen and disfigured the villain's face.

Soon, she took her life away from mine,
The promise of never separating from my
Anxiousness was shattered in front
Of my realm, but to weep is not a man's job,
The hate brewed, I made the protagonist
Desecrate the villain in more ways
Than I could hope for, in the pool of his
Wretched blood , I watched the reflection
Of my cold face genuinely portraying a smile.

The protagonist disappears into the horizon,
The seas of pain he inflicted remains in
My mind, I watch the deserted scene and
A sense of sympathy arise from within,
Before it builds further up, I dismiss
All thoughts and search for the miracle
That would pull down the novel and
Restore my blatant life.


  1. I understand the looking for the miracle. We really do want to maintain the hope......

  2. love is something that can't be dismissed , whether we accept it or not , the former making life easier......something to do with EGO ?

  3. That was so intense...sometimes you get so engrossed and the characters leave a definite impression on your mind...this was really good!!

  4. "Chimes of a Forgotten Melody" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.