Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Breath of Life


I was listening to 'Coming back to Life' by Pink Floyd (video above) just now when this poem came into my mind :

Here, where the bleeding rose overruns
The boundaries of a garden nurtured in
My limitless infinities of imagination,
I am thrown into a stupor by the breath
Of life that emanate from his firm voice.

The dark rains, that followed me since
The day I took my path away from the
Nomadic followers, slowly eased into
Oblivious chants of support that the
Singer got from the deep stretches of
My solitary existence.

Standing on a land that smells of
Blood and unaccounted 'sarin',
I heard cries of battles I never fought,
I saw lost lives that I never known,
They danced frantically along with me,
Death may have liberated them, but
Music have granted them salvation!

I kept walking, I kept running,
I made pace onto the gravity that pulled
Me towards it, like a child hopping
Behind a lost balloon, I found my feet
Make frivolous jumps to catch the tunes
That were being thrown around for me.

In that faint seconds lost in towering eternities,
I knew I am not alone until my ears go deaf,
And I am not sad till my hearts shuts the doors
 To the divine tunes that floats around.

 A modern recreation of the artwork made by George Hardie for the album
'The Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd released in March 1973


  1. hmm..Pink Floyd will never die. I've just been listening to them today, whenever I'm sick I need to hear them. Their music, the atmosphere, the lyrics..
    i knew i am not alone until my ears go deaf..and i am not sad till my heart shuts the doors.. you have such poetic way of describing. beautiful.

  2. You have some beautiful, BEAUTIFUL lines in this poem and a lot of depthful thought. I really liked the journey with Pink Floyd too. Really I had never paid much attention to them earlier in my life...and now perhaps I will listen to more of their work. I like what I heard. I really like these lines from your poem:

    Death may have liberated them, but
    Music have granted them salvation!

    1. thank you Mary. And for hearing Pink Floyd, there is no better time than now.!! ;)

  3. divine tunes indeed....love me some pink floyd....great inspiration...i agree as well some really great lines in this one sir....music does have that power of salvation in a way....it reaches where others can not...

  4. A beautiful exploration of that song! I particularly enjoyed the last stanza!

  5. What a great tribute and expression of that great music. I used to work with a guy who had a Pink Floyd tattoo on his ankle. I understand why he was so taken by them.

  6. This poem is an amazing achievement.
    Certainly one that I would have been proud to be able to write.
    Go ahead and brag! :-)
    I would have liked you anyway, because of your name: I'm a chess fan looking forward to November.

  7. Somehow the fourth stanza got me... love the imagery of words...yes, i could see it happening. As always a beautiful write.

    Well, book is finished but right now I am neck deep in editing...I hate editing. Take care