Sunday, 29 September 2013


The Mag 188
Photo by Mark Haley
Duty bounds all men with a rope
That pierce the flesh and plants
The seeds of labor. At the end
Of it all what we see is a light
That spots the faint dis-beliefs
We had in ourselves. The glory
Of life is when the light fails
To capture even the smallest
Prowess of dusty grooves in
Our limitless soul. A path to
Salvation is a walk we make
All by ourselves, without the
Pride that carried us around,
Without the happiness which
We hunted down, without the
Momentary discomforts that
We regret all along. A walk to
Meet the savior of all human
Souls, and the conqueror of all
Worlds which exist within us.


  1. i love the thought of all the worlds that exist within us....x

  2. To our fount of words, let it never run dry.

  3. I just jumped straight in this mystic stream and let it take me over the falls.....thanks Jinksy

  4. I love the title and the imagery. It's a wonderful poem!

  5. I am right there with this piece. Love it.

  6. Looks like this photo took both of us to the same place.
    I like your poem.