Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friendships are Personal

Picture taken during our college trip to Goa (India) last week

When I look back at the 20 years of experience I had on living in this lone planet which is found to harbor life, I find a lot of images passing by like a moving picture. Some faces stay on longer on my memory screen, I prefer to watch them forever.!
This poem is dedicated to everyone you see in the picture, and to anyone whom I find staying a second longer in my memory. Without you life seems a lot less colorful.

A melancholy poem of loss got stuck
Between my pen and paper last night,
In a vain struggle to untie the knots
That choked my words, I injected
A dope of fresh prompts, quite
Unaware of the loneliness that slept
Undisturbed in my rusted mind.

Without knowing the reason why,
I wrote, 'How shall you describe friendship?'.

Just as a faithful dog whines when
A master dies, my pen made a noise
Which killed seven different powers
That blocked me from my words,
I wrote about seven seas and infinite stars,
I envied the path of a frenzied quark.

Though I never added much to the question,
'How shall you describe friendship?'.

Feats of enchanting fleets from fights,
And tales of untamed heights of joy
Passed by my mirrored mind, where
I saw a part of me surrounded by
Hordes of faces I loved seeing beside,
The haste of passing images never took away,
The smile that sprouted from my heart.

With the same benevolent joy, I faced
The question, 'How shall you describe friendship?'.
I knew then, that some things are better
Described when you experience them.


  1. You are so right, I think. It is easier to describe things after you have experienced them.... I am sure your class trip did a lot to cement friendships! There IS something about those trips....