Friday, 27 September 2013


Happiness, An Abstract
Credits :

What is happiness but a touch from
A word that calms your soul, when
You want to weep sorely on words
That forever remain unsaid.

What is happiness but the tricks of
A clown that jumps you off
With laughter and fills his starved
Dreams with a hope of life.

What is happiness but the magic
That fills the air from a masterful
Hand, and creates strokes of mystical
Finesse which made breaths and smiles.

What is happiness but the thoughts
Of a philosopher which resounds that
'Happiness is a shadow that creates
A blackout in our miserly memories'


  1. Indeed whatever makes one feel happy is HAPPINESS :) be it anything....

  2. hopefully true happiness is enduring...
    love that quote you end on...
    i hope your studies go well this week...

  3. Powerful closing lines. I also really like the clown that "fills his starved dreams with a hope of life." Great writing.

  4. I liked that one. The art work at the top is very beautiful too and sets off your words.

  5. I love your thoughts on happiness. We really, as you did, need to appreciate it for what it is!

  6. "what is happiness but a touch from a word which calms your soul" what an astounding opening line, wonderful poem!