Sunday, 6 October 2013


This picture is drawn and painted by my friend Aishidha Rajeev.
Thanks to her sincere efforts I could pen the poem which almost came as an inspiration from the painting.
Kudos to her and her subliminal effort.

Killed once and dead thrice, pain is no longer
Rushing through my frozen veins, it has stopped
Somewhere between the terribly broken heart
And the viciously cleaved head. Thinking out
On the torridly lonesome after-life, it is not
Hatred that comes into the unscathed nerves,
Which still relay protected feelings of coming
Back to a human abode and living a new life,
Rather it is an ethereal passion to forgive and
Thank the destiny which made the evenings
Longer, days calmer and feelings narrower.

The worlds I travel are distant, the people
I meet are few. I searched forever on the shores
Where dead souls come to see rare cosmic
Lights that for a moment bring colors from
Earth, but never found a single face that
I laid upon in my disturbing Earthen times.
To die is indeed a moment's job, but killing the
Time after will take an eternity's patient wait.

Being born again is not my wish,
Violets smell in this suspended world,
And maybe the love of them keeps me
Bound to the vivid specter of minds passing
From the other world to mine. It is a promising
Sight. When dreams are now a part of nostalgia
And life is a word thrown around by depressed
Souls that wander forever, I still wait for
The cosmic shores to bring the color of you,
And then I will close my vision and the image
Shall drown inside my eyes and settle
Peacefully for all the eternities to see.


  1. The poem and the picture compliment each other. Kudos to you guys!!

  2. Whew, so much to reflect on here. Deep and thoughtful.

  3. i make Mary's words mine, it left me reflecting and i had to read the poem twice....good work.

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  5. i can def relate to the not wanting another start life is enough and i will love to find my peace there in the end....

  6. Thoughtful..:) brilliant attempt..happy blogging

  7. It is a beautiful and sad and thoughtful poem and I am so glad you shared it, thank you.

  8. Very depthful and well thought through......even moreso the second time through! Thanks for linking with us today. I do hope when I lay down at the end that I find my peace.

  9. Searching and inspiring work - it resonates with me... Thank you Scott

  10. So beautiful, love those last four lines.

  11. Wow, a very potent poem. One can feel the distance from earth this person has traveled. I especially love "To die is indeed a moment's job, but killing the Time after will take an eternity's patient wait."

  12. What lies in the hereafter? Nothing, I think. I (99%) love the life I have and am happy with my existence and it is enough for me.

    Love your thoughtful words and how sad it must be - in the (possible) afterlife yearning for the companionship the love of a mortal.

    Anna :o]