Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thank you for the Memories

Rahul Dravid a.k.a The Wall : Indian Cricketer
He retired from cricket recently

Since the time when I developed the intelligence to count, I remember counting the balls this man has guarded off during his selfless workmanship that many adorn by the meager word 'batting' in cricket. And to think that I would no longer see him play again shatters my heart. I know the heart is no longer guarded by the Wall, but, I am sure the memories shall live on.

Back when the motto of the days
Where fun and endless hours of
Undisturbed attention on the screen
Where men clothed in whites or blue
Would be seen submerged in a crusade
Against falling chances to salvage
Pride, I saw a man who looked
Behest with faith. Sometimes, the
Moment you remember forever is not
The one that made you cry,
Nor is it your last smile, for me
It is when I realized I found a person
Who could lift me up whenever I fall.

His battles where won and lost
Within his mind, his skills proved
Paramount, his glory echoed along
All corners of the miniscule globe
And his prowess induced fear in
The minds of the foe. Yet his
Smile entertained my lonely heart
His unbowed head made my soul
Leap further than all possibilities,
His unending selflessness built
An aura of supreme devotion
Within my wavering thoughts.

To forget the times is beyond
Possibilities that he taught me to
Climb. To bid adieu takes strength
Both from within and form outside.
Here I am alone again, the Wall
Shall remain as a silhouette guarding
My emotions as he did with the stumps,
And I know that with time all moments
Become memories, but I shall live
With you in my dreams, and you
Shall have your bat raised to new heights.

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