Monday, 14 October 2013

Religion and Addiction

This is an old one, written probably a year back. Sharing it now. I always believed that the problem with an average Indian is his addiction to alcohol and exhibition of religion.

A hungry stomach burned,
The drop that sustains life
Remained mutilated,
Smog hid the Sun
From a weeping slum.

To feed her child,
A mother unbuttoned her gown,
A covetous mosquito flew about,
Sucked the mother's last drops
Of blood with pride.

The child stood alone in the hash,
He gazed at a world up high,
Amazed at the sight of flight,
An eagle soured to greater heights,
The world of clouds he caressed.

His father wriggled in at night,
One of his hands held the drink
That ceased all earthly strife,
The other grasped faithfully
On a jade Buddha,
Covered in pure gold and fat,
With lips that forever sneered.!

1 comment:

  1. Whew, that last stanza really gives me a strong visual image! Impactful writing all around.