Friday, 4 October 2013


Artwork : 'Metamorphosis' by Cris Vector on Deviant Art

People pass beside me with an imagination
Drowned into a shallow pool of vestigial thoughts,
Induced emotions relentlessly fluctuate in their
Illustrative faces which when colored by lies
Gives you a mightier weapon than camouflage.

I see proclamations of fake monsters beside me,
I stop, look and fall apart as a worshiper of evil,
I utter profanity that the hero was always a coward
Who grew devoted to the laws of an insane world,
And destroys the monsters before they break away
Both from within and outside the unbearable inertia.

Keep moving along and the scent of flowers, grown
By a thankless woman who puts her uterus for sale
Every once in a year, greets me back to Earth,
Where stories mix evenly onto the air like the
Unmistakable melancholy of the forgetful scent.

People complain when the innate depression
In their shallow pools are brought onto the surface
Buoyed by my nonchalant allowance of truths,
Maybe it is hard to die away from your pools,
Or maybe the skepticism of my theory is what you
Regret now, whatever be it, the change is yours.


  1. ...indeed, changes are all ours to define... and hopefully, it will be all after goodness... ye know, some change are a camouflage of evil... smiles...

  2. love how you end it.. brilliant really.

  3. 'an imagination/Drowned into a shallow pool....'
    I liked that part. Good work.

  4. we have to own our changes for sure....for the most part they come from our own decisions which no one really wants to own, because they realize they deserve the consequences and we like to pretend we dont....

  5. This is one powerful write. So much goes on in the human mind, that is for sure! And I think your poem evoked this. And yes, change is up to each changes take place beginning from inside!

  6. strong write, Anand, especially the last two lines ~ M

  7. I read this a couple of times, and think your final stanza is really a great summing-up. I also like the look of your blog - have you changed it? LOVE your header - the quote, the look of it.....