Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rhyme of all Dead Men

I hear the rustle of seas beneath,
Obvious noises of dead men weep,
The struggle of life in sultry heat,
And creeping vacuum amidst bleak.

Silver linings never do shine,
In a life below rock-bed's reign,
Yet shadows of dark and sultry tales,
Haunt the Earth and cult a way.

If the dead come back in revenge and rage,
Their target is never the hateful saint,
But the world who buried their lives,
In the Earth, terrible and black!


  1. Whew, strong imagery here. The idea of the dead coming back, especially if they come in revenge, is haunting!

  2. i can feel the sigh of the day they will rise surely and make the silver linings shine....well crafted Anand...

  3. yikes...that last bit....the world or culture does tend to tuck
    away those gone, out of sight out of mind...
    def a strong feel behind this one...

  4. You have written a dark and powerful poem, Anand. Great use of haunting imagery! How sad if "Silver linings never do shine".

  5. This poem is as haunting as the ghosts you speak of.......powerful write, Anand!

  6. Positive images - missing in here, but when we talk about it, the hope takes its sip. ~ powerful poem!

  7. Yikes! Interesting picture. I agree with Humbird. Powerful!