Sunday, 16 March 2014

Holi | The Festival of all Festivals

Caste, creed and race disappears,
The makers of the kaleidoscope
multiplied the joys of existence,
An ocular panoply,
A genuine spiritual completion.

Griefs shall melt into passion,
Voices shall shatter boundaries,
When every elated sound converge,
An explosion of vivid colors
Shall gloom in all clouded eyes.

Oh, the philosophy of this festival,
The tenderness of togetherness,
The infusion of vibrant emotions,
The splendor of tousled artistry,
And the love that shall withstand!

The Holi is a Hindu spring festival (though with time it broke all badges of religion), also called the festival of colors and is celebrated primarily in India and Nepal (though now spread to various other countries). This year, it is celebrated in India on March 17th. One can associate togetherness with Holi. A heartfelt example that comes into my mind is associated with Sultan Akbar (emperor of India during the 15th century), when the Muslim king would take part in the festival along with common men, a day when the poorest person could throw colors at the emperor! Such is the love, such is the philosophical depth of this festival. A day when everyone unite, a day when all sorrows are hidden under bright hues!


  1. oh Anand we're on the same wavelength today...Happy your wonderful lines and the bit about Akbar..

  2. beautiful.. the togetherness...of all people.

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  4. Oh I most love your note and the thought of a poor man can throw colors at the emperor. Would be nice if the emperor would throw a few coins back! But that is not the way of emperors.

    1. Well Sherry, Akbar (as well as most Indian emperors) are known for their benevolence. India was one of the richest empires back then and anyone who pleases the emperors surely got not just a few coins but definitely a lot more!

  5. Yes! I've heard of the festival of Color, Holi. Thank you for the picture...I really had no concept of its intensity.
    A wonderfully written piece.

  6. What a wonderful poem, Anand. This is the second poem I have read today which celebrated this festival. I really like the idea that everyone will feel the unity of that day and that love will abound. I like the idea that this holiday happens during (almost) spring too, as spring is for me the most joyous season of all, with its spirit of rebirth.

  7. I like your take on Holi. It's simply a celebrating of the vibrancy of life, isn't it?

  8. sounds great...vibrant as the festivalof holi