Sunday, 30 March 2014

Walking in Circles

'The problem with most of us is that we forget we were once a sperm and would probably be food to a worm!'

I never remember the day I saw light,
I don't recall the day I was named,
Nor the day my little feet first embarked
in a destined walk upon perpetual circles,
Circles of land, circles of time!

It must have been dark before birth,
Infinities of darkness! and then
a sperm (in motion and spirited),
Conquered my mother's arable land,
And disposed spores of life.

I must have been blinded by light,
Because for years to come I lost
sight of the path I should walk,
And the people I should love,
I lived aided by my mother's arm.

The pride of vision is personal,
I know of blind men who proudly say,
'We see more than you, son!'
I mocked them in disregard,
But now I realize they were true.

I sleep walked until youth,
Galloped through adolescence,
And jogged out of adulthood,
Now the pace slowed, my
solitary walks lack the desire.

Last day, I slept beside my pride
and woke up amidst my fears,
I walked the distance in my sleep,
Probably incongruous to the world,
And unnoticed even by friends.

I feel the light fading, slowly
I forget all visions I had in life,
I stumble in my walks, to my aid
a pathetic stick, lifeless and old,
Which never love me like my mother.

I become aware of the circular walk,
The one I made with all blind men,
I see an oblivion, an infinity of darkness!
And my kins dropping soil
upon my spoiled figure!


  1. And while we walk the earth and everything in the cosmos spins furiously. Despite the rather hopeless refrain, I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Full of despair. Your forgot to mention the light left to you by your mother's strong love which will sustain you. It will light your way through the dark. A very honest poem that many will relate to. Well done.

  3. Full of such dark thoughts and realizations. Unnerving. Memento Mori sort of thing.
    Very original line of thinking. Painful though. I sometimes feel that ignorance is bliss is one of our major gifts.
    It surprises me others thought this enjoyable. What am I missing [ or reading in to it which isn't thee?]

  4. Very interesting thoughts .. how we loose the ability to see in the dark.. how the blind man sees where we have to be led,.. and I agree with Jo-hanna there is so much pain and angst in this...

  5. Indeed, so many things we don't recall...especially those that happened early in our life, and sometimes for a time we all lose sight of the path we should walk Though it seems the narrator never DID experience happiness. The ending is very sad. Feels like the narrator thought all of life was for nothing. A circular road indeed.

  6. What a pity the persona can only see himself as a blind man whose life is behind him!

  7. o o Anand hope the poem is not autobiographical...however it's nice to think that the speaker is much above the average and has a philosophical bent of mind...
    and he knows only too well that a journey that begins in the dark chamber def sees the daylight...unfortunately and naturally for growth one has to pass those dark hours...ugh...

  8. Yikes! Hold on :-) Nice read.

  9. as we grow older, we keep returning back, as if there were things we didn't see back then.

  10. Anand, I really resonated with this poem and had to remind myself you are a young man, as you have so well captured many of the feelings of the is true, as Natasa says, how often the mind goes back and back, as one really captured bleak feelings in this poem - well done.

  11. "The pride of vision is personal". I love this line.

  12. This poem is quite brooding and dark, but I like it still, especially the galloping through teen years.. It feels a bit like it's saying that youth often are in a rush.. perhaps.. But time will go by so quickly you'll want to slow down..