Sunday, 16 February 2014

Face the Fear

According to an All India Tiger Census conducted during 2011, an estimated 1706 tigers are only left in the country.

Maybe because of horror,
Before me his canines illuminated,
The potency of fear consumes you,
It draws your attention, commands
your mortal self to act vigorously!

I could never outrun him, yet
piety flew inside my veins,
His scars conversed with me
about the woes of being hunted,
Queerly it gave my fears an asylum,
Inside which I could feel empathy.

The hunter has become the hunted,
His leap is my last memory,
With all concealed rage,
At me, at humanity,
His canines glowed,
In an effervescent red!


  1. the end has a strong image, evokes fear....and at the same time you have to marvel it all. it's saddening that they are becoming an endangered species.

  2. an aching and true story resides inside this poetry. very well written!


  3. Nice post , i hope everyone , will like your post