Saturday, 8 February 2014

Goodbye Blue Sky

The poem was inspired from a Pink Floyd song of the same title. I dedicate this poem to everyone in the world, even though many would not fall directly into impact range (at least for now), blue sky is fading, and some day you would definitely bear the consequences.

Oh, my lovely blue sky,
For my poetic flaws, I request pardon.

You were gentle today,
While my brothers exhaled
fumes (toxic and dark) into
your fragile threshold,
I guess you choked,
A portion of you dying away,
An artwork disfigured!

You were gentle in the past,
While your calm clouds
were shattered by murders,
Those wails were not for
our children alone, but
for your dismembered grace.

You were gentle forever,
When suppressed by us,
You never complained,
Stayed there, not moving,
And continued to pour
your affection, which sadly,
Fueled our pride and conviction.

Now, while you fade,
I wonder if children ever would
look up at the heavens and smile,
How will the world define blue?
And our family sustain the woe?
Because we thought your hue,
Shall forever color our lives too.


  1. Deep felt and powerful. Great write.

  2. True. People just think of resent pleasure only.Nice go.

  3. kinda scary to actually think of if you read it lieterally but we are in many ways choking out the blue sky....our pride...and our profits....

  4. A very heartfelt poem! We do need to take care of our earth and the air above it!

  5. Thought provoking and heartfelt. Really hits home.

  6. We need to be kinder to earth so that beautiful blue sky can be preserved. Powerful words! :)

  7. We take the sky for granted, until we visit places which are so polluted that we rarely see it. And still we live on and do not make the changes that would save our planet and air.

  8. Beautifully worded and paced witness, both literal and figurative (if blue is also the health of our spirit and mind). The streaming imagery of the music adds to the feeling. Thanks for introducing these artists. Thanks too for visiting and leaving your insights on my poem.

  9. So poignant "How will the world define blue?" and the shattered assumption that the sky would always be as it was. Great write, Anand.

  10. Haunting work Anand - "dismembered grace" - I love your ambition here.... With Best Wishes Scott

  11. Good things always come to an end. But blue skies will always be there to stake its claims every now and then. Nicely Anand!


  12. Strong point there...
    Immensely thought provoking!

  13. wow! amazing poem.........

  14. I love how the speaker interacts with the sky, asking it for forgiveness etc. That's an intriguing technique.