Friday, 21 February 2014


I found these hollow words; inaudible,
But with sarcastic resonance floating
and clogging the path towards time.

Brute honesty, abiding by virtue
forgets the unconventional marriage
with a cupid bound by divine mediation.

It breaks through, and clears the path
for the clogged words to flow,
With it the marriage must shatter!

The undying saga of words erupt,
Orgasmic, it send shrills to the ears,
Rage is momentary but truth shall prevail!


  1. sarcasm clogging the path towards time... how true...words are so powerful - in both ways - in the good and not so good - even though rage is just momentary it can cause deep wounds...

  2. truth will prevail in the end ...hopefully....rage/out of control emotion...i think a lot of times it comes when we fail to use those words before we let them build up....and when it can def cause a lot of damage...more than it helps...

  3. the closing line says it all....

  4. "Rage is momentary but truth shall prevail." Perfect closing line!

  5. Yes, eventually truth always finds a way to emerge! One really cannot escape the truth.

  6. Powerful write with truth prevailing at the end.

  7. truth does break through! thank you!