Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The color of blood

Far away where the clouds scatter
into a biblical array of potent symbols,
Is my dream of finding truth.

The hills I climb, certainly in doubt,
Are fathomless, yet grants me with joy,
Each step I make, the doubts crumble.

To perform no rites of fortune,
But to ensure my message remains clear,
I shall fly higher with each flap.

And when I reach the very top,
I would perform the final miracle,
Of writing my name in blood!


  1. It's wonderful to find so much grit in the young ready to embrace the uphill, winding path....

  2. Those biblical symbols of which you write are not always easy to interpret!

    Rain on the Rooftop

  3. very clever, and the ending gives me pause...

  4. Who is it longs to write name in blood in the sky? I know it is not a pilot, as there are no pilots in the bible. I think it is Jesus or one like him, one not longing but pre-calling his destiny. As if we are all born children of God.

  5. i think we are all looking for our truth in some way
    and once found we put our name in blood on it
    by the way we live by it...

  6. Somehow writing the name in blood is such a stark contrast to the lyrical poem so something is created that make me reread the whole poem.. and it has changed really changed - clever

  7. The journey to find the truth is more meaningful for me ~ I specially like the third stanza, doubts crumble but the message remains clear ~

  8. The dream of finding truth, the "I shall fly higher with each flap", are evocative of the upward climb through life - the ending gave me pause, too. It definitely has impact.

  9. Finding the truth, we all long for that...a nice read! :)

  10. Whew, this is impressive and intense! We all have somehow to find our way!

  11. The energy and confidence in your words is amazing. Well penned. :)

  12. Awesome, and to gain such confidence and inspiration with each step is simply heartwarming. :)