Saturday, 22 February 2014

Marley | Light Up The Darkness

Stirring up love in his guitar strings,
Reggae, calm and soothing, but
the flow seemingly with revolt,
Hit the passionless cells of my being,
With percussion, commanding,
To get up and stand up,
With his insistence to never give up!

The story of renaissance,
With redemption and dream,
Birds that came to wish you well,
Worries dissolving with his voice,
Gods never came from the skies,
But the music continued.

So much trouble in the world,
Yet sun was shining with him,
Conviction of saving the world
with each breath, spreading
like marijuana in the nerves,
Emancipating men from slavery, with
songs of freedom, sounding high!

Oh, the world we live today,
Devious and deceptive!
And yet, the tender joys we share
with Bob's eternal voice
shall carry no bounds,
Like a drop of faith and
a world of roots, rock and reggae! 

Planned to write a poem about Bob Marley, the legendary reggae artist whose birthday was on February 6th. Sadly due to some unexpected difficulties couldn't bring it up on his birthday, yet I hope any day is perfect to describe Bob. A true hero in every respect and a remarkably great human being. Bob, your memories shall live on and shall continue to inspire lives.


  1. Excellent words for a great man.

  2. Nice tribute to Marley and Reggae !

  3. Perfect Tribute to the legend! His voice still echoes and inspires...

  4. What a wonderful poem! You described the jolt of electricity that an uplifting voice gives us so well. Music takes us to another world altogether.

  5. smiles....i am rather a fan of bob's music...more so than what his image has become
    a promotion more for drug culture than the message...def love the music

    1. Its sad. Because there was certainly a lot more to this man than drugs. He was one of the greatest emancipators in music history, a person with deep social and political conscience and someone who could change the world with love. And in India, (pathetically) they confiscate shirts that portray his image to control drug use.

  6. Nothing can be a better tribute than a lovely poem written with so much love and respect. Beautiful write Anand!

  7. great tribute to a man, and the last verse in particular is excellent. times have changed, yet his music and ideas are alive today.

  8. Love love that ending stanza ~ Your words carried the fire of his music, amazing tribute to the music man ~

  9. Bob Marley was such an important voice of my youth. I can never consider his life or words with impartiality.

  10. A wonderful write. And yes, the sun did shine, in his voice..........a lovely tribute to someone who gave us so much with his music.

  11. You have captured the spirit of Bob Marley! Any day is a good deal to celebrate him. He is a one of a kind.

  12. A beautiful tribute to Marley made of up contrasting images and emotions. Makes me want to know his life and his music better than i do now.

  13. I'm not too crazy about Reggae music (my brother was) but appreciate this wonderful tribute to him. And i did know, somehow, a thing or two about Marley. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about him. Smiles.

  14. How intense should be the life for stars we love makes them in order to keep balance to use drugs...sad...but we get the bright side, when listen the music they play or sing.

  15. Your respect for the man and his talents shines from every line. Fine tribute no matter the day,


  16. A very nice tribute to a dreamer who lit up souls with his inner fire....

  17. Loved the opening line! A enjoyable read!