Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First Flight

First Flight of a Duckling
Credits : dailymail.co.uk

Time strikes opportune,
Wings, rusted for long,
Shall now know the wind's tune,
Even before I take the dive,
I feel the air,
I ride!

A leap of faith,
Cause my eyes cannot see,
An assuring ground below,
My wings shake, mind fret, yet
I trust!

I feel my beaks cutting through,
The air is cold,
The descent; indecent,
The trust; in vain?
I wait.

I spread my wings,
It send shivers,
I gasp for a breath and flap,
I close my eyes,
Cause I cant handle the sight,
And with a strange and easy rhythm,
I fly!


  1. Oh, I feared you wouldn't make it! The one in the photo looks destined to do a wheels-up, belly-landing.

  2. I spread my wings, it sends shivers - Great image and lovely words. Flying is by faith. Well done

  3. you know that first plunge has to be quite a ride...and imagine the fear they have to get over and wondering if they will make it...or is it just instinct....hmm....as alan says i imagine there is a little faith in there...smiles

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  4. You have captured the feelings of the first jump. I really can imagine from your words how frightening it must be. Definitely a leap of faith. Well expressed.

  5. Love your point of view... and how nice it is to take that leap of faith and fly.

  6. I read this with a smile! Wonderful and I enjoyed that photo too.

  7. I LOVE the photo, and that you speak in the bird's voice. Adorable!

  8. I simply cannot get over the image ... your poem is also amazing.

  9. ...trust --- that's all we need to make everything work... well done... thanks for sharing... smiles...

  10. I love your take on the prompt writing in the bird's voice--that is an amazing sight to see those ducklings throw themselves out of the nest--a true act of trust (or instinct) :-) Wonderful poem!

  11. Thanks to all. A bit busy. Will catch up with you poems soon.