Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tiger Vision

From the posters of 'Life of Pi'

Mystic monuments hugged together in the fog,
Thoughts dismembered into dissimilar notes
Of a melancholy Sitar, slowly continued its
Relentless echo. Stars sparkled up high,
With its calm delight I stepped foot into the dark.

A cold spread of algae showed me the way,
Winds blew until the shiver shook my walks,
When at times it gracefully recede, silence
Enveloped the breath of the forest, it tore
My heart and unsettled my mind, I doubted.

Gracefully, water kissed the meadows that night,
A crescent moon rose in the Eastern sky,
With its enchanting white, I saw her quiescent eyes,
They fixed upon mine. The forest opened itself before,
I was left forever with that consuming trance,
And walked through delirium into her enthralling gems.

Before reading it, see what inspired me to write it. If you really got to know how I felt like when writing it, play this on the background:


  1. Great words. Nature and mysticism come together.

  2. Nice work Anand. I can definitely see the Life of Pi inspiration throughout the piece.

  3. Life of Pi is one of my favourite books.. I just loved it. And I have to say.. the song and your poem go really well together.. and once more I loved how you ended the poem... "And walked through delirium into her enthralling gems".. hauntingly beautiful.

  4. Quite an abstract work, full of surprise facets and unexpected angles.

    Thank you for visiting me - unfortunately I don't do word verification very well so may not be back here that often.

  5. Really enjoyed this. You really showed what it was like inside the mind of a tiger. I enjoyed the book and movie "Life of Pi" very much!

    As for what J Cosmo said, could you turn off word verification? It does frustrate commenters, and there really is no reason for it. I have never had it & have NO problems.

  6. @ Mary and J Cosmo,
    I never knew that the word verification was ON or OFF. I have went with the basic settings. Now changed it. Thanks for that, or I would have never known.

  7. wow to come that close, to look it in the eyes...the life of pi is a great book...and a nice movie too but i loved the book first and it inspired me as well...

    appreciate you stopping in today...

  8. A nice thoughtful poem that evokes strange and peaceful emotions in me. Or it would if my cats were not knocking things over in the kitchen right now.

  9. Beautiful indeed really beautiful :)

  10. I read, the poem felt mystical to me....and then when I saw you were inspired by The Life of Pi I totally got it. I adore that movie!!!! A beautiful poem, lovely imagery!

  11. Nicely woven.

  12. Thanks to all for reading and taking the time to comment. :)