Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Labyrinths of Appetite

His feet ached with habitual walking,
Eyes crumbled as it faced light,
Silence transcended from his pale face,
It spoke more words than his concealed love!
He cursed the omniscient God,
Mocked at his discrepant blessings,
Blasphemed and inter-coursed.
Insanity orbited in his vicinity,
Inside it he remained with a stomach,
Always left unattended.

She let the butter-less bread to take flight,
Felonious totems spun about,
Her frolic laughs echoed with esteem,
The cold anomalies of life, went on
Without being repressed, while
The bread remained in dirt,
Before it was swallowed cleanly
By the Earth, and its hunger relieved.

Five trees staged a rebellion in a park,
They were denied clean water to drink
By the bourgeoisie nature of homo sapiens.
They ceased the supply of fruits,
Shed all leaves, which cleansed lives,
They even broke branches which
Sheltered a group of sparrows,
The strike never went unnoticed,
But all Gods were bribed,
And the sparrows remained without home

She was introduced amidst the spectra recently,
Her breaths never polluted the air,
Her cries never impaired your ears,
Her gentle sleeps never ceased to delight,
Between her tongues all tastes hid,
Many more came though from a woman's breast,
She would forget the tastes very soon;
Alas! Human memories are not so strong
As acute appetites!


  1. Loved especially "she let (did you mean left?) the butterless bread to take flight". What a cool image. Also loved the Earth eating it to relieve its hunger. Way cool.

  2. Anand,

    You have most certainly covered many labyrinths associated with appetites of most kinds. A superb presentation of human desire and needs; together with man's carelessness with nature.


  3. ...i liked the images & play you conveyed on the 3rd & 4th verse... how saddening to be struck by such reality around us... sad to think as well that the food that make us all live will be the same food that will kill us someday because of our own carelessness... smiles...

  4. gods were bribed...what a thought...brilliance is in the thoughts.

  5. I like the way you show how man abuses nature. And it is so true that when things go wrong we like to blame God yet we never thank Him for all He gives us.

    Dropping by from the Verse First linkup

  6. These labyrinths are as intriguing and dangerous as any. May we find our way! I particularly like the verse about the trees.

  7. Bit lat to reply, but sincere thanks to all for your kind comments.