Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Grandmaster

In a table of disoriented colors, the pawns
Were carefully stacked. White, black,
Then the few red ones he himself designed,
He made squares with cold accuracy, he made
Them white, black and some blue too.

Without the faint notions of anger,
He started his war against his opponent.
Against him sat an artist who commanded
All squares. Within his incredulous logic
All pawns tasted freedom, within his
Arduous commands, all knew reason!

But the board was his, and he held
The moral command. He divided all
Pawns according to the color they were,
He took the reds, as he gave them the
Privilege of existence. An outrage of
Colored war meant reds had a leeway.

Blacks fought whites, Whites fought Blacks,
Its in the nature, he knew. The dead pawns
Were hoarded in squares of blue,
A force of red removed the survivors from rue.
The king, queen and a set of guards stood erect.

The bureaucracy never fought, he knew,
They remained trapped, spellbound at
The deaths. An enigma of fear spread,
The opponents sweat dripped the board,
He looked for once at the board maker's eyes!

It glowed red, as red as the pawns he made,
He had a command that none could defeat,
He had a power that even he couldn't conceive,
He held with him no threads of pity,
Within his heart held the key that guided hate.

His submissive group tortured the king and the crew,
Monarchy is dead, they shouted out!
They killed the kings, black and white,
And raped the queens, black and white,
The horses were slaughtered and put in squares
Of blue, the bishops sided with anyone,
Who bolstered them and their meager lives.

The opponent was mocked and cursed by him,
He marched on around, and squares were made red,
More with blood than with paint. He gripped the ambiguous,
He reaped at their unrest. He slowly entangled minds
Between his board of accurate squares which was now
All red. He slowly closed the board and entrapped
All squares and colors. He bestowed an iniquitous laugh,
The opponent walked away in mourning, while
He ascended, to be exalted as the new Grandmaster!

A vague attempt to capture a small thought that occured in my mind. Here the opponent is God, or rather the love that existed in mankind. The new grandmaster who defeats God/love is the one thing that controls the world now, MONEY! A little more images used, I believe you could pick that up without me explaining. Again I am not sure on the power of delivery of the thought.


  1. Enjoyed reading your thought-provoking poem. Definitely one to think about. Your notes did help, so I thank you for them.

  2. mmm i could def see and feel the conflict...you note cleared up the sides and added depth to this as well when i went back and re-read it...i would not count this game over...it continues still...

    1. if you want, join us today for OpenLinkNight @ http://www.dversepoets.com
      its much like poets U...opens in about 30 minutes...

    2. Surely Ill join there Brian. Thanks for the invitation. :)

  3. Overwhelming, powerful metaphor. I think it can be applied on a micro level as well, in any situation where someone attempts to control.