Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wreaths and Rebirths

Rebirth by Carrie White (Liquid Drop Art)

Stories of the globe never begins with birth,
Our lives are but a silent prologue to a show,
Which is an imperative destiny; we dance to
The tunes of nature only at our deathbed!

The horizon of existence never ends, whilst
Our perplexed soul sees curtains fall, it is
Only for another chapter to be presented forth.

Awaken to the reverberations of love, glide
Along the waters of friendship, snuggle beneath
Blankets in a perception of security, and yet
Disrupt the mind in the absurdness of solitude!
Life is as such, maybe to confuse us to take it

No love joins us after deaths, feelings separate,
Wreaths get burned with us, sans the smell
Of the flowers. It gets stolen by the funereal
Procession, along with disoriented nostalgia!

All equations remains unmatched at death,
All tedium grows into a silent delight,
We lay awaiting destiny, and our pact with
Life remains incomplete. So we wait,
For our final cells to grow into the roots,
We all die, We are all born again,
But not with an artist's perturbance, but
With a leaf's placid calm!

1 comment:

  1. we dance to
    The tunes of nature only at our deathbed!...nice...i like the call to action as well...the stanza that begins with awaken...the all equations line as well is cool...lots of little kernels in this...