Sunday, 28 July 2013


Image prompt from The Mag

Underneath the rusted iron, a prowess of illusion remained,
The unable driver of the machine remained in awe,
Wheels turned towards a virginal meadow, wet from dew,
Unheeded balloons that flew from the past settled around,
It lifted the machine and made it drift along in the wind,
The driver's watch made revolutions towards the past.

Balloons, blue in hue, showed him paths to the unknown,
He drove in mid air, honked at passing souls, some
Blinded by the confusion of death, while some struggled
To remove burial dirt that perturbed, even in afterlife!

Balloons, red in rage, talked about the life of a wizard
Who fell in love with a princess, how he gave her
Balloons, red with love, out here in the meadows,
Illuminated with light from his shiny new machine.

Balloons, black and bleak, overpowered the ride with
A fury of emotions. It hit the car towards unruly clouds,
Rain and winds swirled the machine, red balloons popped
Giving grave thunder, the wizard's tears fell as rain!

Balloons which remained, yellow and alone,
Spoke of a lover's pledge, it glowed bright and true,
The eyes of the wizard looked plainly at the driver,
A lifetime's promise could now be fulfilled.

The driver woke up at his own bed, his machine stood
Erect in the yard, with yellow balloons still in flight,
He saw raindrops, frozen, yet still hugging onto the
Yellow group. He took them to the queen as a present,
She rejected them outright, but the frozen balloons
Made a final flight, it settled on the queens lap,
And burst with the sound of cries, and frozen drops
Of rain dripped all along her royal gown!

Impromptu : An impromptu magic trick is the one in which a magician performs an illusion with items that he happen to find at a moment's notice.


  1. what a vivid tale...rather fanciful, i like how the yellow balloons are left and the symbolism...the car still being there outside, so its not just a dream...what a surprise for the queen as well there in the end...

  2. i agree, such a vivid tale.. it swoops you in, it flows very well, and in the end you don't know if to laugh or cry :)

  3. In life too we are moving and are balloons are guided by god.

  4. I like how you made the color of each balloon so very significant. Really a creative piece.

  5. What a fantastic ride this poem is.......if these are the kinds of dreams you have, I am green with envy. I am always a scrubwoman in mine, perhaps because I am in my waking life as well, smiles......loved this.

  6. I love it are simply brilliant with that mind of yours-imagination at its best and what is more amazing is the how you got it all evolved from one word "impromptu" and off course how you related it to the mag pic.

  7. Just when you think Mags can't get any better, they do!

  8. Anand this is fantastic, spell--binding even though the story is very different it still makes me think of the Wizard of Oz Loved =)

  9. A fairy tale, a fairy tale! How lovely.

  10. Whoa, that was quite a trip you took us on.

  11. Enjoyed this flight of fancy.


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