Monday, 6 May 2013

A Jailed Insect

Seconds pass, destined to make me numb,
Coldness swipe through,
A drenched cotton cloth, separates the cold air from my skin,
A narcissus in the yard leaves me in spells of rue,
Delicately, he hides his face from my lifeless smiles.

A worthless insect roams in and out of my cell,
Upon a world of freedom he remarkably fell,
Free he is, clean and graceful,
In a place stinking and suffocating amidst all.

I saw for a second a younger me,
I saw the spotless smile, that with her, you see,
I found a wedding car replaced by a funeral pyre,
I saw the spots that night when I looked up at the moon,
And a gun dropped down stained with blood,
I heard the cry of a hunter, for lust he was born.

The insect in my cell was crushed underneath my hand,
Blood, sans the stink of iron, spilled along my protruding nerves,
I licked it, in the light of the rising Sun,
As it passed through my bleeding tongue,
I felt the taste of crushed freedom,
All for the second time.

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