Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Reprisal

Ponytail by Last Exit

Her hair lost all help from its folds,
It calmly spread itself all around
Their heinous and voracious eyes.

She lost the magnificent art of her curls,
As she was being ripped apart
And chopped clean and bald.

Weeks on, she hid her from her own eyes,
Hours on, she buried herself in cries,
Each second, she loathed the ticking clock.

The hatred she braved grew its own hairs,
It ravished with each moment of her wrath,
It violently spread itself around all life.

She choked with its overpowering force,
All it took was a final pact of truce,
And she let it out with a potent scream.

They were waiting for her lustful gaze,
She provided them with enough charm,
That they never saw the poignant umbrage.

They smelled her like some meek dogs,
Like a python slithering around a prey, Her hair
Fervently swirled over their slothful frames.


  1. To me this shows what CAN happen when someone has low self esteem. They don't realize they have self worth and are quite easy prey for those who lie in wait! I could picture and feel this!

    1. You are right again Mary. It is important to replace that CAN with a CANT

  2. Oh wow this is exceptional, loved it =)