Monday, 13 May 2013

Sail on Along, my Friend

Art by Benfoster

As you lay nestled besides your fears,
Like a surprised saint when he tastes truth,
Do not fall into a fret my friend,
Cause all stories begin from nothing,
All empires rise from pure debris,
And all dreams begin from a whisper!

Still your soul wishes to march down?
Well, then my hands shall embrace you,
Like a sail that guides a loitering ship,
I shall keep your life aright amidst tides.
While you search for new shores,
I shall hold you safe, come what may!

Take your life with you, do not forget,
Cause someday the sails may snap,
Sans doubt, swim to the nearest shore,
The sails shall float in salt and sea,
And surely reach for, when you need,
Then we shall build a new ship, and ride!

So get back up my friend, To rise
Time inevitably strikes opportune!
Walk, run, sail and never stop,
Surely now all fears are yours to conquer,
All sorrows yours to slaughter,
And we will ride, come what may!

 Written for Carry on Tuesday. Prompt was “Come What May".


  1. Very inspiring poem and friends are always there to push when down.

    1. Thanks a lot Vandana. And what you said is true. I guess that is the beauty of friendship, right?

  2. Loved the line "all dreams begin from a whisper!"...a great poem to read. Worth visiting.
    You just got your 9th follower. Stop by my blog someday if you like :)
    Till then keep writing :)

  3. Replies
    1. I believe I am already following your blog. I saw it before. Its already on my blogroll too. :) And thanks for the follow and comment. Keep coming. :)

  4. Beautiful imagery, I love the positive message of overcoming defeat and rising up to sail another day.

    1. Thanks a lot Josie for dropping in your lovely comments. :)

  5. Liked the comparison....enjoyed reading it loud!