Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Painting : Bittersweet Goodbyes by Grace Morai

A subdued aura of emotions gripped the place,
Her eyes never gave away to the inevitable moment,
She carried herself around, as graceful as ever,
While her heart, were sewing groups of burning cells.

I watched her frazzled face glowing with the Sun,
Her words were inaudible with the moving flux,
She held my hand, tight, as if she was holding on
To a rope that may help her out of her gorge.

I never knew what her words conveyed, It may
Have helped her if I understood, but for now it
Floated around my head, but never pierced inside,
Like an artistic hunter, it was waiting for the right time.

She embraced me a final time, and it seemed clocks
Stopped for the love that she held, to flow gently
Onto my heart; I held her close, and with a stroke
Of pointless hope, I asked her, 'Will we meet again?'

'When the moment beckons, hearts meet here,
When you hold love that keeps brimming out,
Do not fret any long, like how spores from a flower
Fly all over to meet its destiny, we shall too', she said.

Now, the hunter holds his knife close to my heart,
The winter that my heart passed through, made me callous
The knife of the spy, was shifted into the pen in my hands,
And with its ceaseless ink I wrote my ruined story,
O, and I wonder, how a scrapped story got her adept name?!


  1. so hard you know...that parting knowing that you may never meet again...and wanting to hold onto that moment...intriguing ending as well as you bring it back to yourself writing the story..

  2. I am still wondering, was it a story that was parting or a person.....amazingly entwined...

  3. Wow, you have turned a good-bye into a wonderful poem here... I would say that the story wasn't 'scrapped' at all, but it was just changed. I don't think our lives have any scrapped stories....even though at the time we may not realize it.

    Sometimes when endings come we are not prepared for them.. "She carried herself around graceful as ever" expresses that. And that final embrace. Then the talk about spores from a flower....this is masterful, Anand. And the knife being a 'spy.' I really like this poem very much. Of the poems I have read of yours, this DEFINITELY is my favorite!

    1. Mary,
      Im glad you loved it. And scrapped is all but a word that came into my mind. Now that you said it, I dont think I have meant what I wrote

  4. Heartfelt and touching poem, Anand. I like to believe we will all meet our loved ones again one day.

    1. Thanks Laurie. And like you said we do like to meet our loved ones some day

  5. Lord, I am in tears from all the beautiful goodbye poems. This is a beautiful, heartfelt, poignant and powerful depiction of a final goodbye. I love her response that hearts meet "here", and the love is dispersed like the spores of a flower. Brilliant. Wonderfully written.

    1. Sherry,

      Goodbyes are a part of life that makes hellos beautiful and worthwhile. And Im jolly glad you loved this.

  6. A good description of the knife in the heart.I do not think it toughens all people to the extent that it will not happen like that again.Foolhardy or brave? Depends on your philosophy of life and resilience I suppose.

    1. You are right. It clearly depends on our philosophies. Even more I believe it depends on a person's struggle to live life the way their loved ones want to out of them

  7. Beautiful images and wonderfully written, a tapestry of emotions.

    1. Thanks Alan. I surely need to thank you for the prompt too. You brought this poem out. :)

  8. How philosophical ... but it does hurt, nonetheless to part and not know ...