Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Shooting Star

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A grimaced star shoots forth light,
In the enchanting shades of the night,
It traced a path of unconquerable might,
Yet alone it is meant to fight.

I pitied her as I looked up at her flight,
It slowly drifted away from sight,
Unknown worlds are caressed more,
A regime of enveloping darkness 
Which gets calmly devoured.

I laid my head close to the ground,
Shooting forth is my home too,
Unknown, unseen and uninterrupted,
In the euphoria
Of painful lives and painless deaths.
 Life is miniscule in the infinity,
Darkness is the law that nature built,
For light to reach and stars to shoot.

Seconds shift
To take light to the dark,
To take flight along the tide,
To take might in leading the fight,
To take my thoughts in this wintry night.


  1. Indeed, life is miniscule in the infinity. We are just a small little speck in this whole wide universe.

    Lovely poem with deep meaning...

  2. This is gorgeous and elegant! The enormity of the universe it just blows my mind

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping in your comments. :)

  3. Yes. Life is very small in comparison to infinity. And the time to shift from light to dark is a short one too. The universe definitely holds many mysteries. I especially liked, "shooting forth is my home too."

    On another subject, I will add you to the Poets United blog roll today. Welcome.

    1. Thanks a lot Mary for the comment and the add to Poets United. :)