Friday, 10 May 2013


 Photograph : Lost Childhood by Enko on Devaint Art

Broken bangles, a half crushed toy,
A childhood lost,
Yet carefully preserved.

A spell of thought of moments begone,
Heartfelt laughs, truthful tears,
All a part of distant past.

Songs sung years back,
Words lost somewhere in time,
The tunes etched in the mind sustains my life

Days of daunting quests,
Climbing stairs, riding bikes,
And ending up on mother's lap.

A tale of being with the Earth,
Feeding birds, poking cats,
And pawing the Earth to end up with dusty hands.

The clock on the Wall did turn fast,
All I do is look back,
With eyes wet and sad.

Oh those broken bangles, that half crushed toy,
A childhood lost,
But preserved forever.


  1. Replies
    1. In the end, everything becomes just memories. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes its what keeps us going. Anyways, thanks for looking into my poem and commenting. :)

  2. Fit to be included in school textbooks.i have no words. its simply a masterstroke.And do have a look at RESONANCE