Sunday, 19 May 2013

Something About The Sea

Painting : Radiant Sea by Karen Winters

O, the vastness that spreads before me
Of countless waves being born and dismissed,
Makes me feel the ignobility of being me.

The sea is an overpowering poem,
Upon its shores I gaze onto infinity,
The waves crush me and my thoughts,
I shuffle between spells of admiration,
And fear of nature's brute.

A gust of wind uproots me from the Earth,
The boats in the horizon seems closer,
Slowly now, I feel I am merging
With the commanding power of the waves,
I feel one, I feel flight,
O, the vastness of the Seas.!!


  1. A beautiful expression of the allure and power of the sea. One does feel as though we are staring into infinity.

  2. I agree that the sea is an overpowering poem. I could stare at it forever, get lost in it, become one with it. I miss the ocean, as it has been about three years now since I have seen it.......sigh. I enjoyed your poem, which took me to its shore.

    1. Well then, I really believe its high time you take a trip. I believe watching the enormity and the power of seas makes you realize how small your life, personal problems and everything else is. In fact it calms your senses. It is a good form of meditation. :)

  3. Life like sea, sometimes calm, sometimes brute...

    1. Agreeing again Vandana. And sometimes we could make our life as powerful as the sea. Only if we tried. :)